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This page includes documentaries, articles and other sources of information relevant to the health and wellness of African American families and communities.

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Funder invests in AABC’s Health Equity and Training on Social Determinants Equality for Black Families

African American Babies Coalition and Projects and the Cultural Wellness Center as the 501(c)(3) partner wants to thank Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation for selecting us for the grant which helped map out transformative project initiatives. Our goal was to enhance community work which speaks to equity and equality for families. The end game was to continually have a road-map which aides our stakeholders to view authentic partnership with Black, Brown and Indigenous communities addressing health and progress as an urgent obligation. The grant has provided us the capacity to address the cracks in the foundation where many of our love ones descend undetected, feeling useless and often adapting to self-destruction. We encountered some difficulties building a charter for a national organization, showing only to come out at the other end with constructive accomplishments to be a distinguished guide for future work.

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